5.Four days later

September 26 (Sun) and 27 (Mon), 2004. 72-96 hours after surgery.
Colin is doing great! Still some pain at times, managed by pain relief medication. We came home on Monday morning the 27th. The surgical team came by for an early morning visit and were very please with Colin's progress. He is his normal self now. They told us normal diet, normal baths, etc.

Sun 4:20 pm - Going for a wagon ride with big sister Eden
Sun 6 pm - Enjoying time with Mom
Sun 6 pm - Mom and the kids
Sun 6 pm - Looking much better!
Mon 9:30 am - Sleeping well
Mon 10:45 am - Waiting with Dad to be discharged
Mon 10:45 am - Hi Mom!
Mon 10:45 am - Colin likes being upright
Mon 1 pm - The bandage is off. The incision is zig-zag pattern for best hair regrowth