3.First 48 hours

September 24 (Fri) and 25 (Sat), 2004. 24 to 48 hours after surgery.
This period was the toughest for all. Both of Colin's eyes have swollen shut and he finds this very irritating. Keeping Colin upright, holding him close and taking strolls with him seems to help the most.

Fri 12:13 pm - resting with Mom, left eye swollen shut

Fri 5 pm - right eye starting to shut, walking with Dad calms him
Fri 7 pm - Both eyes swollen shut, but resting

Sat 1 pm - both eyes shut, this morning was a rough one for Mom trying to comfort him
Sat 1 pm - His inability to see is what irritates Colin the most
Sat 1 pm - Keeping Colin upright is the best way to help the swelling go down